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General Trading Conditions



All surfaces to be painted shall be sanded, filled and repaired as necessary to achieve an adequate finish.
All surface coatings will be in compliance with relevant GPC codes to meet Australian industry standards.
All areas affected by rust will be either wire brushed or angle grinded to expose corrosion and treated with an appropriate catalyst rust converter.
Exposed substrates shall be treated accordingly, eg, bare timber shall be spot primed with ‘Pink Primer’ and new galvanize spot primed with ‘Galvo Prime’.


All products shall be applied in accordance with the paint manufacturer’s specification and application costs are calculated accordingly. Application methods may include airless spray painting or conventional methods such as brush and roller.
Manufacturer’s application and surface requirements are generally provided in the product data specifications literature. Please feel free to request this information if it is required.


All precaution and care shall be adhered to whilst engaging any preparation and painting works.
All working areas will be cordon and sectioned off by means of clearly visible barricades.
Caution wet paint signs will be displayed where necessary.
Any area involving a large volume of traffic shall be planned and coordinated between a representative of WA Painters and the appropriate client authority.


W.A. Painters accept responsibility for damages caused by any of its employees in accordance with the provisions of the companies Public Liability Cover.
W.A. Painters takes responsibility for the health and safety to their employees through Workers compensation.     




W.A. Painters staff may work during and after normal trading hours.
Security will be notified of any intention to work outside of normal trading hours if required. Our general trading hours are from 7.30 am to 4 pm.


To be notified, with at least two weeks notice prior to commencement.


Whilst every care will be taken to observe the condition of all substrates to be painted, certain unforseen conditions may arise, as it is sometimes almost impossible to detect a concealed problem.
Any variation in a preposed schedule of works shall be negotiated prior to commencement of works as per clause on Variation Order.


The schedule of works details the extent of works to be carried out. In the event of agreement being reached for the performance of any additional work, details of such agreement, the costs of the variation, the date of the variation and any particulars regarding payment shall be set out in writing and signed by both the painting contractor and the client before the additional work is put in hand. A copy of the signed variation shall be given to the client as soon as it is reasonably practicable, and in any event before the work to which the variation relates is commenced.


WA Painters does not except responsibility to delays caused by wet and cold conditions that may either prohibit the application or retard the drying time of paint.


Our painters will undertake to protect all areas not to be painted.
Scaffold ladders and all general painting gear will be provided by W.A Painters.




Unless otherwise stated, standard trading practises apply and a 25% deposit of the contract value is required prior to commencement.


Progress payments will be invoiced fortnightly as per percentage of practical completion, (UNLESS OTHER WISE STATED ON CONTRACT). Progress payments are invoiced to an amount not exceeding 80% of work completed.


Final payment for contract is preferred at completion and no later than 30 days from completion of contract. Please be aware that a penalty of 8% per month applies to late payments over 30 days.


WA Painters guarantee Labour for 3 months (120 days) under the defects and liability clause set by the Painters Registration Board. Your Warrantee however extends beyond this and conforms to the paint manufacturers Guarantee/Warrantee. In most cases the Guarantee/Warrantee is 7 to 10 years. 

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